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dvirc-millenialsMillennials are comprised of 80 million 18-33 year old men and women accounting for 25% of the population. This is not only the largest workforce generation, but they are technologically savvy problem solvers demanding the attention of today’s manufacturing leaders. As the baby boomers near the end of their professional career, it is the Millennials that will eventually replace them. Attracting this wealth of talent requires some insights.

How do you appeal to this generation?

Whether you are hiring or simply marketing your company you should consider the Millennial. This large generation has grown up having technology at their fingertips, so using it really is a second nature trait. They are highly educated, forward thinkers, and since they grew up inundated with information they are excellent problem solvers and capable of learning on the job without lengthy and expensive training time. Today they are also referred to as the underemployed, which is an opportunity to seize the moment now before others do.

This generation is much different from the baby boomer generation, so you may need to adjust your thinking. Giving them an opportunity may seem like you are throwing a proverbial monkey wrench in your company’s culture. Millennials think differently and if your company is running under the assumption that change is bad then you will be surprised. – however change is imperative! Embracing their fresh set of eyes and ability to “learn on the fly” work ethic means they can hit the ground running and help jumpstart your company into the 21st century. Integrating the Millennials with baby boomers is also an opportunity for both groups to learn from one another.

How to attract Millennials, and ultimately increase your customer base!

It would be advantageous to open and maintain social media channels for any business. Who better to do this than Millennials? They are all too familiar with curating a brand, using less costly, viral marketing efforts. Utilizing various social media channels enables you to promote, share, target, and influence a significant following.

As prospective future customers, a few things should be considered, Millennials are value driven, desiring quality over quantity, they are socially responsible and support environmental sustainability, and have a general connectedness and loyalty to their brands / companies. For example, one in three Millennials will support or reject companies based on meaningful causes. Keep in mind that Millennials are influencers and social media experts. Appealing to Millennials through various social media platforms is a key way to gain their trust and potential business.

Now is the time to reach out and engage this savvy generation. A significant 49% of Millennials interact with businesses through social media and 54% through the company’s direct website. Make sure to offer fresh content on your business website. Share with potential customers what is new with your company, your mission, showcase your employees – their passions, and interests. And do not just describe your products, describe their broader role, as an example, you do not just produce medical devices you are helping save lives.

Social media is customer service

Social media platforms are designed to be user friendly, allowing information to be shared quickly. In business, customer service is crucial, a business model that cannot be overlooked. Think of social media as a 2015 form of customer service. Connect and respond to your followers. This is how you appeal to the largest workforce generation!

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